In order to stay motivated, I believe it is extremely important to set a main goal. This enables the person to plan accordingly and to efficiently use their time or money. However, it is also vital that people plan a few back-up options in case circumstances change. An effective method to plan ones futures is to use, "Odyssey Mapping". The basic structure of this technique is to create three different paths based on ones interest, abilities, talents, passion and so forth.

My Odyssey Map

The following provides an outline of the pros and cons for each of my three futures:




  • Exactly what I've always dreamed of
  • Great pay
  • High demand
  • Will be able to help people overcome/ manage their mental illnesses
  • Won't be working for someone (own clinic)
  • Difficult completing a double major


  • Difficult getting into and completing med school, especially in Canada
  • Expensive to pay for education
  • Stressful
  • Difficulty finding a job
  • Will take longer to achieve (8+ years)



  • Similar to my dream
  • Enough pay
  • Will still be helping clients


  • Pay
  • Probably will not be able to live downtown Toronto



  • Stress free
  • Peaceful
  • Enriching
  • Learning
  • New experiences
  • Always something new


  • Expensive
  • Not enough pay
  • Will definitely be unable to stay in downtown Toronto

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