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A class wiki for CCR199 Fall 2016 University of Toronto for sharing strategies, best practices, and resources on getting the most out of your university education and for entering and sustaining a successful professional career.

The wiki will be the archive for your research findings following in-class workshops & online work. The posts are short summaries or notes detailing why your finding is of value.

Describe your topicEdit


Investigation & Assignment #1 - Nov. 21 / week 9 (3 annotated entries to be uploaded after your first investigation) 

Overall - How to get the most out of university? 

  • Each participant will research in 3 subtopic areas you are interested in re. Education & the University of Toronto. Searching any of these topics online, you will likely find articles, posts, and resources on university sites, educational journals, mainstream / major news and media channels, and individual blogs. Part of your critical work is to assess the reliability and value of your findings: is the source reliable? what evidence, data, logic, argument supports the claims or recommendations? 
  • Your research can be focused on topics and programs of particular interest to you. Make this research of value for your interests!

From our class discussion, these seem to be:

From our class discussion, these seem to be:

  • Time management
  • Getting good grades
  • Managing a budget
  • Choosing courses / looking ahead to graduate school 
  • What are the skills & competencies gained in different disciplines?
  • How can you connect with mentors / tutors? what peer-to-peer / mentor organizations exist?
  • Extra-curricular activities - What organizations exist? (ie. sports clubs) What can you create?
  • Work / Life balance (add play & health if important)
  • Social life / finding friends

Students will individually create a page on the wiki - see  Tab on the top right: 'Contribute' tab - then 'add a page’]

Upload - 3 short annotated bibliography entries on the most valuable findings. These notes don't need to be more than 1-2 paragraphs. Think about what you see as important & give enough information so others reading have a clear idea of what you found of value. Include proper titles (articles, websites in proper format) and URLs so others can explore. Proof your writing to avoid deductions.

Some resources to explore:

U of T Co-Curricular Record -

STEP Forward U of T -

Office of Student Life -


Investigation #2 - Role Models Assignment

- research 2-3 Role Model Individuals and/or Organizations


Investigations #3 - 3 Majors Mapping &/or 3 Futures Mapping - Twine or Wiki

  • this will be detailed further in class
  • 3 Majors - investigate 3 majors of interest
  • 3 Futures - Odyssey Mapping - 3 what ifs?
  • this could be how to successfully enter your chosen professional field 


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